Types Of Commercial Cleaning Services Your Business May Need

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It is the duty of all employers to make their businesses clean and safe for their employees.

In other words, the working area should be healthy for employees to work in. of course, there are many ways to achieve and the best being hiring a janitorial professional company.

Cleaning Services – Outsourcing Vs. Hiring In-House

Some companies prefer hiring an in-house cleaning crew, whereas others prefer outsourcing (hiring a third party company to handle all cleaning tasks). All options are good, but in-house hiring is more involved because an employer must interview potential employees, buy cleaning supplies, and even manage the way cleaning is done. On the other hand, by hiring a Toronto commercial office cleaning company, you get already trained professionals who are experienced and know their job description.

The terms ‘Janitorial cleaning service’ and ‘Commercials cleaning service’ are all phrases that are used interchangeably. However, in the real sense, they describe different types of service. It is highly important to understand the difference if you are looking to hire a professional commercial building cleaning service.

Janitorial cleaning simply refers to small daily cleaning services like mopping the floor, washing the toilets, and more. Commercial cleaning refers to a bigger cleaning job that is often done few times a year (it is also known as general cleaning).

The Types Of Commercial Cleaning Services

Anytime you research on the topic of commercial or residential cleaning services, you will come across the question ‘Why should I hire a cleaning service?’ many times than you can count. Well, the truth is that hiring a professional cleaning service comes with many benefits. Furthermore, you have the ability or option to choose the kind of cleaning you need. This fact does not only apply to commercial cleaning services but also residential cleaning services.

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Nonetheless, since we are covering commercial cleaning services, there are generally four different types of cleaning services an employer or commercial building owner can get. They include: –

1. Daily Janitorial Services

The truth is that maintaining a business is a full-time job, and this is a fact. This is why professional commercial cleaning service providers offer every kind of service related to cleaning, including janitorial services. Remember, janitorial services are all small cleaning jobs like vacuuming, sweeping, trash disposal, and any other.

Any commercial company should be in a position to offer daily janitorial cleaning duties; so that it can maintain a workplace clean and well maintained. All businesses need janitorial services, which is necessary to keep a business running, as well as, have a healthy working environment. Janitorial services help maintain a commercial building and make it ready for visitors, clients, or customers.

However, it is important to note that different businesses have different needs. What does this mean? Well, it simply means that; different businesses have different janitorial service standards or levels of maintenance cleaning service. Some businesses demand highly detailed service specifications in order to guarantee maximum cleanness. Others need only simply maintenance services. For example, hotels and hospitals demand high levels or standards of janitorial cleaning service compared to a manufacturing plant or assembly line.

2. Floor Maintenance

Do you have an experience whereby you walked into a business but turned away by the dirty floors? The main problem with such a business is that they lack proper floor maintenance services. A premise floor makes the first impression of a business, and as such, they need special attention. Remember, the level of cleanness on a floor does not only affect customers and employees; but also overall business performance. This is mainly affected by the way it affects people’s perception of a business or commercial complex.

For this reason, when it comes to commercial services, this is another feature or type you have to take into consideration. Remember, high traffic floor areas are the most difficult to clean. That is because, with time, the floor becomes scuffed and soiled leaving them looking dull than they are supposed to look. It is important to note that sometimes stains, scuffs, and dirt can set beyond the reach of a mop or broom.

If therefore, you are experiencing floor cleanness-related issues, then you should consider our complete floor maintenance services. We do not only have the equipment and manpower to handle the issue; but also skilled enough to work on different kinds of flooring that require floor maintenance service. Any reputable commercial cleaning service must be in a position to handle any floor maintenance needs that include:

• Stain removal
• Carpet cleaning
• Buffering
• Waxing
• Cleaning
• Stripping

3. Move-In And Move-Out Cleaning

The truth is that nobody loves moving or changing locations mainly because it is a challenging affair. Therefore, when moving or changing offices can be a nightmare, especially when it comes to the level of cleaning needed. However, with a moving-in commercial property service, it makes the whole ordeal of moving into a new property easy for you.

Remember, time is money, and by only hiring a team of professionals, you will be able to save both. We are a team of professionals with all the necessary equipment, tools, manpower, and experience to offer the best move-in and move-out service possible. We always pay attention to details.

4. Sanitation Audits

To achieve continuous improvements, you will need continuous evaluations, which is where sanitation audits come into the picture. Sanitation audits are important and necessary to any business, especially those that serve food to the public. A sanitation audit is a type of service that helps employers or commercial property owners to establish a baseline that measures if sanitation is improving or declining within a specific outfit.

With this type of service, business owners are able to maintain specific sanitation standards needed based on set health standards by the health and safety organizations or legal regulations. In other words, it helps business owners get the necessary amount of data on where and how they can maintain cleanness standards. This is like getting an answer leakage before a test.

Commercial Construction Logistics


To ensure that a commercial construction site runs productively, efficiently and in a cost effective manner, it’s best to have a well laid-out logistics plan. Delays in a construction site tend to be quite frustrating. The progress made on construction projects can slow down substantially, leading to lost man hours, as workers wait for other teams to finish or tools and materials to be delivered.

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This shows how scheduling and coordinating different aspects of the construction can be important. Managing construction site traffic, by scheduling the entry or exit of workers will go a long way in keeping progress on track.

We turn to the three steps listed below to manage construction site logistics.

Come Up With a Plan

An all inclusive logistical plan is essential in maintaining efficient operations. Divide crew members, materials and tools into different phases in the plan. A workflow and timetable can then be developed after each project phase is appropriately determined.

Getting all subcontractors and suppliers involved in the project on the same page is probably the most challenging aspect of putting the plan together.

Although specifying specific project completion or delivery dates is difficult, it’s plays an essential role in the planning process.

On Time Deliveries

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The second step in the planning process involves coordination with suppliers. Having an idea of which suppliers are dependable, and which ones are not, is a great way of ensuring that all supplies are received on time. Having served the industry for over a century, Turner Construction has compiled a list of reliable suppliers that we can rely on to make timely deliveries.


Ensuring that all supplies arrive on time is only part of the job; you will need to find a space to store all the supplies afterwards. You may end up delaying operations, or even jeopardize the safety of the construction workers, by having supplies and containers littered around the site. Storing all the supplies in a well organized format onsite is essential for productive operation.

Since delays during construction projects tend to be costly, it’s the job of the contractor to reduce the chances of occurrence. All things considered, as things progress in this market, we have witnessed the advantages of well-planned jobs which is why logistics is an important key to planning.